Georg Fertig

Georg Fertig is an economic and social historian, trained in history and classical Greek literature in West Berlin, Konstanz, and Bochum. He did his PhD with Willi Paul Adams, a specialist for constitutional and intellectual history at the John F. Kennedy Institute for American Studies in Berlin, and his habilitation with Ulrich Pfister, a specialist in economic, social, and religious history in Münster. He was also a postdoc in Trier, and a guest professor in Paris. He has done research in southwest Germany, Pennsylvania, the Eichsfeld, Westphalia, and Saxony, as well as more aggregate studies with a focus on Germany as a whole from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Topics include migration, land markets, demographic systems, and the poor law. Recently, He has started to study genealogy as a popular practice; He is trying to bridge the gap between academia and citizen science.

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