Katherine McDonough

Katherine McDonough completed a PhD in History at Stanford University. Before joining the Living with Machines project at The Alan Turing Institute in 2019, she taught or was a collaborator on digital projects at Stanford, Bates College, and Western Sydney University. Her first book manuscript, Public Works Laboratory: Building a Province in Eighteenth-Century France is a spatial history of the forced labor regime used from the 1730s until the Revolution on highway construction sites. At the Turing, she founded the Computer Vision for Digital Heritage Special Interest Group (which you are all welcome to join) and is the UK PI on Machines Reading Maps. In this poster session, she presents work on behalf of the Machines Reading Maps team: Yao-Yi Chiang, Deborah Holmes-Wong, Zekun Li, Jina  Kim, Rainer Simon, and Valeria Vitale.

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