Virtual Poster Session

(1) “Mapping Mobility in Slavery and Freedom: The Ethical Issues and Methodological Process of Datafying Slavery’s Archive,”
Laura Brannan,
George Mason University, USA

(2) “Correlates of State Formation in Central Europe – A Relational Spatio-Temporal Database on Longue Durée State Formation Processes from the End of the Thirty Years War to the End of the German Wars of Unification (1648–1871),”
Heiko Brendel,
University of Passau, Germany

Link to Zenodo

(3) “Hero? Volunteer? Traitor? Depends on the Data: Datafication in Wartime and Post-War Sources in Luxembourg,” Nina Janz, University of Luxembourg, Luxemburg

(4) “Excavating the Newspaper Navigator Dataset,”
Benjamin Lee,
University of Washington, USA

Link to Zenodo

(5) “Machines Reading Maps: Finding and Understanding Text on Maps,”
Katherine McDonough,
The Alan Turing Institute, UK

(6)   “Datafication as the Basis for Quantitative Analyses of Historical Sources? Stylometric Text Analysis in the Historical Sciences,” Jan Rohden, German Research Foundation, Germany, and Jörg Hörnschemeyer, German Historical Institute Rome, Italy

(7) “The Slaughterhouse of Science: Turning Scientific Leftovers into Historical Data,”
Alina Volynskaya,
EPFL, Switzerland


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