Sarah Hendriks, David Brown, Fabrizio Orlandi, and Gary Munnelly

Workshop Session B I: “Beyond 2022”

Trinity College Dublin, The National Archives Kew, UK

Dr Sarah Hendriks is an archival discovery fellow with Beyond 2022 and is based at The National Archives, Kew, UK. She is an early modern historian specialising in the socio-cultural and architectural history of the British Isles. She is interested in archives and manuscripts as both sources and objects, and the utilization of digital techniques to investigate material culture has long been a feature of Sarah’s research. At present, Sarah is exploring historical mapping of entities and networks, and is investigating the potential of GIS to visualize changes in the historic environment during the early modern period.

Dr David Brown is the archival discovery lead for Beyond 2022. He previously worked on the Down Survey of Ireland project. David’s monograph, Empire and Enterprise, a study of English merchant networks and their involvements in Ireland during the seventeenth century, was published by Manchester University Press in March 2020. He has been involved in the digitisation of archives for almost thirty years and also acts as the liaison between Beyond 2022 and the READ co-operative in Innsbruck.

Dr Gary Munnelly is a research engineer working on Beyond 2022. He completed his PhD in Computer Science in 2019 on the topic of entity linking for text based cultural heritage collections under the supervision of Prof. Séamus Lawless. His primary role in the project is centred on the extraction and organisation of information from the materials recovered from the PROI.

Dr Fabrizio Orlandi is a senior researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie EDGE fellow) at ADAPT Centre based at Trinity College Dublin. Currently working with Prof. Declan O’Sullivan and the Design & Innovation Lab (dLab), ADAPT Centre. His research interests are focused on Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Web, technologies to Knowledge Representation and the application of semantic different domains, such as Social Media, Law, History and Open (Government) Data. In these areas, he has experience on foundational and applied research on both EU-funded and industry projects. Fabrizio is currently the Knowledge Graph architect for Beyond 2022.

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